Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Bonanza

Currently we have 2 friends that are expecting babies. One is expecting their second, hopefully a girl, and the other their fouth...SURPRISE!!
Even though they have supplies and this isn't their first our group of friends decided we should have a baby shower for them anyway. Nothing super fancy just a reason to get together and celebrate some great friends and their new additions.
  1. I decided since I had recently mastered the ruffle that this meant I should really try to make ruffle bottom onesies...I've been dying to make these! I started off with the onesies and choosing my fabric/ribbon.                                                 
  2. I sewed down the middle of the fabric/ribbon with the loosiest stich on my machine.
  3. Next I pulled the top thread to make the ruffle. I pulled it pretty tight, and then loosened it to make it fit the length of the onesie.
  4. Next pin the ruffle onto the onesie where you would like the ruffle. I hadn't pinned in my previous trys, but with this you really want it to be perfectly straight.                                
  5. Once pinned I I sewed down the middle of the ruffle. Then continue on with the rest of your ruffles, mine are less than an inch apart to create a close ruffle. (As you can see with the fabric ruffles they are slightly wider so I only put 2, 3 just looked too crowded.
  6. All done and ready to enjoy!

Here are my completed baby gifts. Each mom also recieved a coordinating long-sleeve onesie, crocheted hat, and then personalized blocks. (I make the blocks as well, they are my home-based business)



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They are really cute, a great way to use fabric scraps too! I look forward to trying it!