Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Outfit

Lately I have been on what I would say is a break from crafting...just too much summer fun to be had!! Well this past weekend, with my son sick and us unable to head out anywhere I decided to try a new sewing project!
I found this great tutorial over at Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss! I love an easy yet wonderfully cute project and this was the perfect one.
I started out by measuring Em's waist and deciding how long I wanted the skirt to be.
Her waist was 24" and I went with a length of about 17".
First I cut my fabric the width should be your waist measurement time 1.5, so 24x1.5=36". For the length take your desired length and add about 3", 1.5" . I then sewed up the sides ironing the seams flat. I then went ahead and did the bottom hem as well.

Next I started my ruffles, the contrasting fabric should be about twice the width. Then using you loosest stitch on your machine stitch down the middle of the strip. Once done, pull the top thread creating a ruffle. You can adjust this to your desired look.
Next, pin the ruffles onto your skirt. Then carefully stitch down the middle of the ruffle.Once this is done you can add your elastic to the top. The length of the elastic should be 2-3 inches less then your waist measurment.

Once you have this you're done!! (Of course if you're me you quickly decide that you should make a matching shirt!) So I did! Here is the whole outfit. I will be add a tutorial on the shirt as well!

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