Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well I am a sucker for cute and lunchtime is no different! It's kinda an obsession!!
Last year a collegue of mine gave me this boring silver lunchbox that we had gotten for teacher appreciation week. I knew I had to do something fun with it. Originally I was going to make it for my son, but we recently ordered these super fun sandwich cutters from Williams and Sonoma which came in an AWESOME tin lunchbox, so that will now become Jake's new lunchbox. Well of course that meant Emmah needed something special....cue brilliant plan to revamp lame silver tin lunchbox!!
Here is what it looked like to start with:
Then I used some ModPodge to add some scrapbook paper to the front and back.
Once it dried I added a top coat and some extra details on the front!
Now it was time for some real fun! With my new obsession of Pinterest...I found this GREAT idea to put chalkboard paint on the inside cover. One look and I was all over it! How fun is this??
I am so excited to put love messages, words of encouragement, and jokes on it for her!!