Friday, December 16, 2011

Memories Made

Pretty much since th day my daughter was born I have been dreaming of taking her to American Girl Place. My mom and I talked for years about what would be the perfect age, what one to get her and when to take the trip....
Well this past Sunday Emmah, Tob and I took that trip.
To start the day Emmah woke up to this:

After some smiling and jumping up and down we ate some breakfast and got ready to hit the road. We didn't tell her where we were going, and surprisingly she didn't catch on either.
One funny part was one we got to downtown Chicago, she kept saying, "There's an American Girl Store down here..."
Once we arrived she was more than excited!!
As we walked through the store her eyes were aglow and her smile from ear to ear as she grabbed item after item to purchase...
We did talk her down a bit, but every penny spent was worth it in the memories.
Here is Emmah and her new doll, Rebecca:
As an extra special treat we also enjoyed a late lunch in the cafe...they even serve the dolls
Emmah was impressed with all the different courses they serve, and its so fancy! They even give you conversation questions, which were fun for us to enjoy with each other!
Emmah and her delicious desserts!!
The memories we made will surely last a lifetime...and a day I will never forget and I hope she won't either!
I love you always and forever!


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Ewin said...

OH MY GOSH! The look and smile on her face in the picture of both of you is priceless! LOVE IT!