Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkey Time

Lately I have been on a really sewing kick! I don't know what gave me the idea or the nerves to get brave enough to whip out the sewing machine and give it a try, but I did and have been pretty successful. Not to say I haven't had my moments, like have to ripe out my stitches...TWICE!! Overall, I have found great fun and pleasure out of making things by myself. I have used quite a few tutorials to get there and for that I am thankful!
This weekend I decided to try my hand at a little more challenging sewing project. I found this great Turkey Shirt tutorial over at The Cottage Home.

So on Saturday, I gathered all my supplies:

6 different print fabric scraps
Fusible interfacing
White T-shirt
Embroidery Thread and needle
To begin I gathered my supplies and got right to work. I got out my fusible interfacing removed the paper on one side and placed my fabric scraps on it.

Once I had them all arranged I ironed them on.

Next I traced the feathers and the body onto their fabrics. (The template can be found at The Cottage Home)
I then cut them out, and arranged them on the T-shirt.

Once I had them all arranged, I ironed them on. The next thing I had to do was to stitch the feathers on and then the body. When that was complete, which took me awhile seeing I had to take some stitches out. Go slowly especially at the tops where they are rounded. I then added the embroidery details, adding the eyes, nose and legs.

All complete and one happy momma and a very excited 7 year old!! Mission complete!!

Thanks to The Cottage Mama for her awesome tutorial!me tutorial!!